Down or Down-Like Breeds Wool Sampler


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Down and Down-like Breeds wool fiber Sampler Pack (~4 ozs total)

In addition to their own Tunis, CVM, and California Red wool, The Farm at the End of the Road fiber group offers other locally sourced and processed fibers such as this Down and Down-like Breeds wool fiber sampler pack.

This sampler includes approx. 1 ounce each of raw Hampshire fiber, Clun Forest roving, Suffolk roving, and Tunis roving.

About Woolhalla Tunis and The Farm at the End of the Road:

Woolhalla Tunis is a flock of registered Tunis sheep, a heritage breed recognized by the Livestock Breeds Conservency.  Owners are Steve and Sonja Pyne, and the flock’s home is at The Farm at the End of the Road in Queen Creek, Arizona.  They specialize in lambs, raw fleece, and processed fiber with a particular interest in small batch single breed yarns and rovings.

From Steve and Sonja:

“Fiber labeled Woolhalla Tunis comes from our own farm in Queen Creek, Arizona.  In addition, we provide other fibers through our Farm at the End of the Road label.  This unusually wide selection of fleece, roving, and yarn almost always comes from farms and ranches within half a day’s drive from Queen Creek, and is carefully chosen for quality and diversity.

Because no harsh chemicals are ever used to dissolve organic matter, random small bits of hay and vegetation may appear as your proof of a minimally processed product!

Purchase of our small-batch yarn and roving gives you a unique product and helps support growers who don’t otherwise have an outlet for their fleece; a portion of your purchase price also helps support local 4-H projects and traditional Navajo Nation sheep-raising and weaving in Arizona and Utah.

Thanks for letting us spin our adventure into your yarn!”